Bringing Back War Memories

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Take a look at this cool slideshow from  Slides 14, 15, and 16 show the M1A1’s in Desert Storm.  I was an M1A1 tank crewman in Desert Shield and Desert Storm, so this brought back a lot of memories for me.


Just stupid

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Voting for an article that says it is OK to arrest President Bush and Vice-President Cheney if they come into their town (unless they are impeached first) is more than just “really silly”.  The people of this Vermont town that supported this idea are just plain stupid, idiotic, moronic, and lacking in intelligence.  Or maybe they are simply insane.

This comment is basically what I am trying to say:

This makes them seem wacky. We understand – some people don’t like Cheney or Bush, but get over it already.
There will be no impeachment and this just makes them look dim witted.


Old and good times

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I had a bit of a family emergency this last week, so I went back home to Mississippi for a few days.  And even though things were kinda screwed up, I managed to go out to the old church I attended from 4 years old to my middle school years.  Brings back a lot of memories from much simpler days.  From “dinner on the grounds” to getting baptized in a river by my father (he was the preacher) to throwing rocks at bats that lived in the bell tower and came out at dusk.

Here’s a picture of Holmesville Baptist Church.


I took some other pictures as well and will try to post them soon.


My wife, sugar artist AND sugar art instructor!

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OK, in case you don’t know, my wife April is cool.  She taught her first sugar art class this weekend.  She taught a class on Valentine’s Day cookies (see pictures below), and it went very well.  She already has at least three more classes scheduled (Easter cookies, Wedding cookies, and Autumn cookies), and some of the students from her first class have already signed up.  WAY TO GO, BABE!

Here’s a link to her profile where she is teaching.  Her picture is kinda screwed up since they used MS Paint or something to cut everything around her out of the picture.  I DID NOT do that…

And here are the pictures of what she taught.  Her’s are first.  The next one is some samples from her students.

valentines cookie class - mine

valentines cookie class 005


Cakes from Wal-Mart suck

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OK, many of you know my wife is a sugar artist.  She does cakes, cookies, etc.  So, I know what good cakes taste like.  And people, Wal-Mart cakes AIN’T IT!  So take a look below and see why else Wal-Mart cakes suck!

First read the cake, then the paragraph under the picture (don’t cheat)…


Okay so this is how I imagine this conversation went:
Walmart Employee: ‘Hello, this is Walmart, how can I help you?’
Customer: ‘ I would like to order a cake for a going away party this week.’
Walmart Employee: ‘What do you want on the cake?’
Customer: ‘Best Wishes Suzanne’ and underneath that ‘We will miss you’.

Sad but true – this actually happened.  Hard to get good help anymore!


Loath vs Loathe

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I write a lot, whether it be via my blogs or writing RFP responses and statements of work for my job.  Therefore, I frequently run across confusions of the English language.  Sometimes called homophones (though not all fall neatly into that category), these little buggers can cause even the most experienced writer headaches.  One I ran across today was “loath” and “loathe”.  So here is an explanation that I grabbed from here:

Loath is an adjective meaning “unwilling.” It ends with a hard th and rhymes with growth or both.

Loathe is a verb meaning “to hate intensely.” It ends with a soft th like the sound in smooth or breathe.

Examples: He was loath to admit that he was included in the deal.
(He was unwilling)

Alex loathes spiders.
(Hates them intensely)



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“Traveling” has one “L”, not two…


IMing in the same house

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This cracks me up.  My wife and I are IMing in the same house, within earshot of each other.  She is upstairs, almost directly vertical to my position in my office.  But we are IMing each other.  Crazy…


A video for Dallas Cowboys fans

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I am a Dallas Cowboys fan, so this hurts.  But it is dang funny, too.

[youtube jJHb9m4ccmQ]


A series of "Why" questions

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Since this blog is called “My Tangential Mind”, I thought it should start living up to that title.  So I have decided to start posting a series of “Why” questions.  These are questions that come into my mind in my everyday life.  No, this is not a rip-off of Seinfeld’s stand-up routine where he asks things like “Why is the place we drive called a parkway and the place we park called a driveway?”  These are just questions that pop into my head as I walk around and see things.

So, without further ado, here is the first question, and a little background:

Why are pirates billed so much as heroes today?  I have been asking myself this for a while, but it recently popped back in my head this morning because I saw Pirate Pig on Dora the Explorer, which happens to be a favorite of my three year old daughter.  Pirate Pig is a good guy, and so is all his crew of pirate pigs. 

I also ask this because I was recently watching Pirates of the Caribbean 3.  I have noticed that while the pirates are shown as dastardly characters in the movie, they are also romanticized and revered.  I realize that they are fighting against some corrupt officials in the British government, but it is still pretty blatant celebration of the pirates despite their evil nature.

I can understand their appeal.  I was fascinated with pirates for a time as a child.  I loved Treasure Island, and I read a lot about them in a book I had when I was a kid.  I was particularly drawn to Blackbeard when I read that he used to weave hemp into his beard and set it on fire.  They had adventures and misadventures, and they thumbed their noses at the authorities.  But all-in-all, I still knew they were murderers and thieves.  So why are they portrayed as good in so many kids shows?  How did that happen?