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For All Parents – My First Day of School Sermon

For All Parents – My First Day of School Sermon

I put this on Facebook today, and I wanted to share it here on my blog. I have very strong feelings about this if you can’t tell.

From me as a parent to other parents:

A lot of people are celebrating the first day of school today. For those of you genuinely celebrating your child’s first day of school or their return to school by:

– giving them encouragement;
– loving on them;
– telling them all will be fine;
– telling them you’ll be there when they get back to help them with their homework;
– letting them know that you are proud of their accomplishments;
– being genuinely happy that they are getting an education

You are doing it right. Keep up the excellent parenting!

But for those of you who:

– are ecstatic that your kids are finally gone;
– are on Facebook saying how giddy you are because you don’t have to put up with them for 8 hours;
– are like the group in front of a Houston-area neighborhood that my family witnessed celebrating en masse this morning by giving high fives and dancing in the street after their kids got on the bus…

You make me physically sick and extremely sad.

Your children are not a chore. They are your CHILDREN. If you can’t stand to be around them, then it is YOUR fault, not theirs. If that is how you treat your children behind their back, then you might as well just tell them you can’t wait until they’re out of your house so you can kick back and drink a cold one and watch TV without having to fix someone’s dinner or put on a band-aid or hug away some tears or help with a math problem or generally give a crap about their existence or well-being.

They likely already know anyway. Seriously, kids are not stupid. They just don’t express it to you because they don’t really know that it should be different. So just tell them and get it over with so they’ll definitely know where they rate in your life. Might as well be honest, right? That way they can get on with figuring out that this is how life is and they’ll be prepared to treat their own kids that way one day.

Or maybe you’ll get a heart when you see them cry and start appreciating them. Maybe…

[UPDATE] This video is the kind of crap of which I speak. This is sickening to me. She wants more Mommy time? I get wanting a break. I really do. For the record, my wife and I homeschool our children. They are typically with us 24/7. Do we breathe a bit more at the end of the day when we get to sit down and enjoy some time watching TV or catching up on the day? Of course. But we don’t CELEBRATE. Tracy Moutafis, you should be ashamed. But somehow I doubt you are.