• Product Management Fusion
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    I have noticed something lately that I am not sure means anything.  Basically, almost every security device and product manufacturer today have started settling on a similar management interface.  If it is a policy-driven device such as a firewall or IPS, many products have settled on the Checkpoint look and feel.  If they have a…

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  • The Power of Network Solutions to Censor
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    Go take a look at Brian Krebs’ latest Security Fix post about Network Solutions censoring an anti-Islam website.  This issue is very controversial on both ends. If you don’t remember, it was about a year ago when a bunch of cartoons depicting Muhammad in a bad light were published in Danish and Norwegian newspapers.  Many…

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  • A List-Happy Blog
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    I was contacted today by someone from this blog at virtualhosting.com.  They asked me to link to one of their posts, which  I normally don’t do if I don’t know the blogger.  However, I got to looking through the blog, and I think it is worth reading.  Basically, they have a list of links for…

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  • Great Discussions at Security Catalyst Forums
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    If you are reading this post, then chances are that you have some interest in information security.  If so, then you will also have an interest in the Security Catalyst forums.  This is a treasure trove of information security discussions and the like.  One of the interesting questions posted yesterday was also linked by Michael…

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  • Sweetbay says 4 mil. + credit card numbers stolen
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    Looks like this Sweetbay supermarket credit card issue is starting to pop up all over the wire.  From the article: They say they are aware of about 1,800 cases of fraud related to the data intrusion and about 4.2 million unique account numbers were exposed. Wow.  Here’s a Sweetbay Google news search.  All the stories…

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  • Trend Micro Website Was hosting Malware
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    This is the kinda crap that makes people not want to trust the Internet at all.  Really, if you can’t trust an anti-malware company’s website, who can you trust? It’s really about being skeptical about the content you visit… That comes from Craig Schmugar, a threat researcher for McAfee Avert Labs.  I understand the sentiment. …

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  • Chinese Conspiracy Theories Awake!
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    Found this compilation story of a lot of the infected computer products coming from China and Taiwan.   I have not done any confirmation of the details, but I believe all of these have been openly published in the media. This kinda stuff makes you want to break out the conspiracy theories big time.  But on…

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  • TRISC in April
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    Here’s a heads up for those in and around Texas (I know that covers a lot of area).  The Texas Regional Infrastructure Security Conference (better known as TRISC) is almost here again.  The dates are April 21-23, and it is being held in beautiful and historic San Antonio.  Also, Fiesta San Antonio is happening during…

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  • IBM buys SSO Vendor Encentuate
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    Here’s the story. I haven’t looked at all the business logic here, but, I can speak to Encentuate as a product.  Their management was horrible, but they had VERY good stuff.  I tried and tried and tried to get them into my last job, but political crap got in the way.  I was working in…

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  • Data Protection is NOT A PRODUCT!
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    I am getting all the usual invites for every security company that exists in the world right now, asking me to meet with them at RSA (I have a press badge via the blog).  But what amazes me is how many of these companies want to talk about their new DLP product.  Websense bought Port…

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  • BayouSec II deemed a success – by Me…
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    OK, to be honest, the first BayouSec had more people than BayouSec II.  But I think this one was more of a success by far for a few reasons. We added two more members ("membership" is used loosely in CitySec gatherings, but you get my meaning) We had good security geek discussions instead of just…

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  • Gary Gygax is gone
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    Some of my fondest memories were when I was playing Dungeons and Dragons as a kid and, believe it or not, when I was in the Army serving in the first Gulf War.  D&D was how I and 5 or 6 of my buddies passed the time while we either waiting for things to start…

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  • Making changes to the blog
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    If you actually visit my site to read my thoughts (instead of just reading via a feed reader), you will notice some changes to the layout.  Actually, it is a big change.  I am one of those people who likes change (in certain aspects of my life anyway), and I was growing tired of the…

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  • BayouSec II Final Reminder
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    OK people.  This is your final reminder.  BayouSec II is TONIGHT!!!  Don;t miss the fun and all the action!!  It will be a geek thrill ride!!!  Well, probably not a thrill ride, but food and drinks are good.  And some security talk to wash it all down. It is located at 1776 Yorktown, 7th floor,…

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  • LEGOS Review on Amazon
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    My oldest son is a Lego freak.  He absolutely loves the stuff. So my wife goes out on the Internet (usually Amazon) from time to time to look for some good deals on the latest Lego sets.  One that my son has been looking at is the Mars Mission MT-51 Claw-Tank Ambush.  So my wife…

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  • Child Predators
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    I recently posted on my Computerworld blog about a task force being created to help child Internet safety.  One of the respondents to my post was from The Kristin Helms Internet Safety Foundation (or at least linked to the foundation in their response).  I have some recollection of that case, and it made me sick…

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  • BayouSec II
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    The next BayouSec is going to take place at the new Alert Logic location on March 5 starting at 6pm. They have some conference rooms we can use. 1776 Yorktown, 7th floor. Just south of the Marathon Oil tower on San Felipe. We are going to start making this a tad more formal as far…

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  • Proofpoint getting some additional funding
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    Proofpoint Closes $28 Million Financing Round DAG Ventures Joins Email Security and Data Loss Prevention Leader Proofpoint’s List of Blue-chip Investors Sunnyvale, Calif. – February 27, 2008 – Proofpoint, Inc., the leading provider of unified email security and data loss prevention solutions, today announced that the company has closed a $28 million financing round, led…

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  • What’s the difference between a sinkhole and a honeynet?
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    OK, just a sanity check… this article is talking about sinkholes.  I honestly have never heard the term (at least not that I can remember), so I decided to check out the post.  It is Cisco centric, but it has some good stuff.  But as I read on, I really could not see the difference…

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  • Gone for the week
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    Just letting everyone know I will be gone for the week, so I won’t be blogging.  Have a good week. Vet

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  • I’m an Official RSA 2008 Blogger!! WOO HOO!!
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    Looks like I have been elected as an Official RSA Conference 2008 Blogger!!!  Uhhh, probably along with every other blogger that is getting press credentials to the conference.   But they didn’t do that last year, and it comes with a cool graphic.  So I am putting it on my blog, damn it! Vet

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  • New Orleans ISACA Chapter meeting
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    Douglas Haider (Accuvant wireless guru) and I went to the New Orleans ISACA chapter meeting yesterday.  Douglas was doing a talk on wireless auditing and RFID.  Douglas did his usual great job, and we made some great contacts down there.  I am probably going to be going down next month to give them my talk…

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  • Waking up to an old truth
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    It has been over a year now since I have been in the trenches dealing with all the issues that security and network people have to deal with.  When I was in there, I wrote a series of posts that talked about all the things a security manager has to deal with and how to…

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  • I guess Bruce doesn’t have an SPF record
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    I just got this email from Rosanne.Mcrae@schneier.com last week (seen from the MX Logic console). I actually checked, and I don’t see an SPF record for schneier.com.  Not a big deal.  Not everyone uses them, and some speak out against them.  I just thought it was funny.  And it made me actually see what the…

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