• Disaster Recovery Test Prep
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    Well, I have to say that I am friggin’ tired. My network admin and I are getting ready for our disaster recovery test, scheduled for this Thursday. We recently implemented VMware with a Dell / EMC SAN, so this will be the first time we test on this platform. Since we just recently got everything…

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  • IE Flaw
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    Sometimes I don’t know whether or not to worry about these. I know it can be a problem, but it very rarely seems to turn into much. Vet

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  • Fidelity loses a laptop
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    When will people ever learn? I find the following statement dubious at best: “The application was running on a temporary license,” the Fidelity spokeswoman said. “The license has expired. Since the expiration of the license, the scrambled data would be difficult to interpret, and generally unusable.” Sounds like a lie written up for the media’s…

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  • Posting
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    OK, I haven’t posted in a while, and I am writing this to say that I won’t be posting much (if at all) for the next month. I am working on a DR test for April, and it is with a brand new environment, so it is killing me. Plus I have to have the…

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  • Symantec Bows Under Pressure From Hotbar
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    Go see this if you haven’t already. The jist is that Symantec has dropped it’s lawsuit against Hotbar, and they have changed the recommended action when Hotbar is detected on your computer. Excerpt: “Symantec acknowledged that although its security software will continue to detect Hotbar’s products as adware, it has changed the recommendation it gives…

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  • RIM Settles
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    Rim settles. Wow. $612.5 million. Still think NTP are a bunch of crooks, but it’s legal. Shouldn’t be, but it is. Vet

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  • Apple OS X Vulnerabilities
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    http://www.us-cert.gov/cas/techalerts/TA06-062A.html You want to be mainstream? This is what you get. This just cracks me up… Vet

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  • Russian Stock Exchange
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    I ran across this article, and I thought it really pointed out what I talked about in my last post. I am up to my eyeballs in work this week, so I don’t have time to really go into this now, but I wanted to post it. Vet

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  • Hackers making money and an issue with the article
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    I ran across an online article at SC Magazine this morning. This is one trend I forgot to mention in my RSA post. There is a definite trend of hackers being hired by organized crime and targeting specific institutions for monetary gain. This has been a trend for at least the last year. It looks…

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  • My blog
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    I want to give some insight on what I plan on doing with this blog. First, I plan on writing about current events in security, like the AOL / Goodmail issue that my last entry discussed. Second, I plan on giving some practical advice about security. I will probably be learning as much from you…

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  • AOL Charging for email
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    Many of you have probably heard about the Goodmail scandal at AOL. Basically, they are trying to implement a system where people / organizations can pay to get better email service. They may not sum it up in some people’s minds, but that is essentially what it comes down to. Now, I am a security…

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  • TRISC – Texas Regional Infrastructure Security Conference
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    Last year was the first year for the Texas Regional Infrastructure Security Conference (http://www.trisc.org). I got an invitation in the mail (I am fairly sure I got it due to my ISSA membership, since they are one of a few organizations that are putting this together). Anyway, I was fairly impressed by the first year….

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  • RSA Conference – Where’s Security Going?
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    I spent a week in San Jose, CA (which I found very UNappealling, BTW) for the RSA Conference. Here are my thoughts: 1. As stated above, the venue was not AT ALL appealling. The main convention center did not have enough room for the Keynote speakers, so they were across the street in some building…

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