• Rootkits – Under the Radar
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    This is a comment I made on Alan Shimel’s blog post about rootkits: “The rootkit issue is one that has been around for a while, yet it always seems to be that one issue that stays below the radar. It just never seems to be this major security issue that Security Vendors include in their…

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  • BlogBridge RSS Feed Reader
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    I recently started using BlogBridge for my RSS feed collection. It is a free, downloadable app. I like the interface. Take a look at a review here for some pros and cons. Vet

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  • Thanks to Alan Shimel
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    Thanks to Alan Shimel for linking to my blog in this recent post. Alan is the CTO of StillSecure, which provides security solutions including IDS / IPS, network access control, vulnerability management, etc. I have heard great things about this company since being introduced to them. I posted about them recently. Vet

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  • Netsky still a pain – WHY?
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    You remember Netsky, right? The major pain in admins’ backsides in 2004? Well, it is still causing problems out there. According to this InformationWeek article, Sophos is reporting that Netsky is the number one reported virus today – 2 years after its release (go here to see all the variations). I just have to ask…

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  • Martin McKeay mentioned my blog in his Network Security Podcast
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    Martin McKeay mentioned my blog in his Network Security Podcast last night. I was honored, and I thank him for it. Martin is a great guy and has been nothing but supportive of my efforts at blogging. [Update] I completely missed that Martin also linked to my paranoid blog post. I met Martin at the…

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  • Do the “Major Players” want the Internet to be secure?
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    Here is a comment I made to this post at Martin McKeay’s ComputerWorld security blog. “I have to say that major changes scare me too. But those changes definitely have to be made. One issue that you don’t mention is the possibility that many of the organizations that provide security related products DON’T WANT it…

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  • Malicious Hacker Pleads Guilty for 2005 Bot Attack
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    Good. See more about the attack here. And since he used hospital’s PC’s as his zombies (idiot), see more at a medical blog here. Here’s the DOJ February post about the indictment. [Update] Martin McKeay brings up a good point about this with his latest post, entitled “Catching the low hanging fruit” at mckeay.net Vet

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  • Sleepy Blogger – A Great Blogging Resource
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    I just added a link to Sleepy Blogger. This is a great blogger resource run by Robyn Tippins. She is a professional blogger and a great person. She blogs at quite a few places, and she knows her stuff. She has many posts with blogging advice. Don’t miss it.

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  • Geeks take down some C-Level Crooks
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    Here’s a pretty sweet little story about some admin guys taking down some dirty C-Level crooks.  I am not advocating their course of action, and I am not against all C-Level’s out there.  We need them as much as they need us.  But it is kinda nice to hear of some dirty crooks getting paid back.

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  • HP’s IDM and StillSecure
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    I recently met with an HP rep on their IDM solution provided via their ProCurve switches. It looks very promising. He also said they were beginning a partnership with StillSecure for their remediation (loading updates, updating AV files, etc., while in a quarantine zone). I also ran across this blog entry by Alan Shimel. He…

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  • Apple Ads
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    These are dang funny. I have issues with some of them, but they are still funny. Vet

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  • Blue Security Goes Nuclear
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    Go check out this blog post by Mitch Wagner at InformationWeek. Mr. Wagner, according to Blue Security, you are an accomplice to a notorious spammer! Go see Blue Security’s explanation and attack timeline. I hate spammers, but I don’t know a lot about Blue Security and how they work. I will let you know when…

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  • Aetna and the stolen laptop
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    I talked about Fidelity losing a laptop that held personal data of 196,000 employee’s of HP in this post. Now it looks like Aetna has done it. Martin McKeay mentions it here. ZDNet has the the story. Looks like about 38,000 employees of two un-named companies (they asked to stay anonymous) had names, addresses, and…

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  • Some non-InfoSec blogs I peruse
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    Thought I would post some non-infosec blogs I visit from time to time. Take a look at Michael Yon’s blog. This guy is amazing. Whether or not you agree with the war in Iraq and the war in terrorism in general, this guy has some amazing information. I will be adding a permenant link to…

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  • USC and FBI – I’m torn on this one
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    Here is a case where I am torn. Basically, Mr. Eric McCarty was going to register at USC, and in trying to help keep the Internet secure, he decided to test their registration website for flaws (he claims nothing but good intentions, which I really find no reason to disbelieve). Well, he found a big…

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  • What’s up with Ohio this week?
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    Man, two more incidents in Ohio. I know my previous post is concerning the government, and these are from the Ohio University, but this is kinda crazy. The one breach happened on a server that was supposed to be decommissioned. Read this excerpt from the article: “We immediately took it off-line and got into the…

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  • Ohio Sends out SSN’s with Voter Rolls
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    Here’s another information security foul-up. Looks like Ohio sent a voter list CD out to a bunch of people. No big deal, except that they included social security numbers in the data sent out! This is why ALL people should be responsible for security in some way. Who was the brain-donor that included the social…

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  • MySpace Arrests
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    Look at this one and this one. It seems that MySpace is cooperating with the authorities in these arrests. MySpace is owned by Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp, which also owns FOX News Channel, FX, etc, etc, etc. They are doing the right thing. I would hate to try to get Google to cooperate in cases…

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  • Core that Apple!!
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    More Apple holes. I love it! And think of the problems they will have when they start running Windows! Yes, I stole the image and added the holes. Great work, huh?! Vet

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  • A look at a Paypal Phishing email
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    One of my users recently sent me a Paypal phishing email. It is to her credit that she sent it to me. Since she uses Paypal for many things, this email worried her. Here is a picture of the email, with a little cut off from the bottom (click on the pictures for a better…

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  • Some pictures from RSA
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    My friend and mentor, Tom Foucha (he’s the bald one). He works with a company called NetScaler. They are a start-up SSL VPN company. They got a booth right at the end of a row. Very nice location. A picture of some of the graphics at the main keynote stage. The stage. Mr. Gates, in…

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  • Update on DR Test
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    Well, everything worked! We need to refine some of the processes since it took a while for the restoration, but it worked. I am greatly relieved. Now I can get some work done on my other 1500 projects. I was going to take some pictures, but they won’t allow any photography in the center, so…

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