An Information Security Place Podcast – Episode 7

An Information Security Place Podcast – Episode 7

Hey everybody.  Here’s podcast episode 7.  There’s some great stuff in here, and some great interviews.  Enjoy!

BTW, iTunes is downloading episode 6 for episode 7 for some friggin’ reason.  I will look into it, but I have to finish a proposal tonight.  Sheesh.


Link to MP3

Show notes:
Segment 1 – InfoSec News Update

Interview Segment:

Geek Toys: Jasager on the FON Router – Watch Episodes 403 and 405 of Hak5 or hop over to DigiNinja’s Jasager page

Consultants Corner: Discussion on doing some due diligence on checking vendor claims. Open discussion on the recent Evil Bits Darkreading blog post

Music Notes:

  • Intro/Outro – Digital Breaks – “Therapy”
  • Segway 1 – Jimmie Bratcher – “Bad Religion”
  • Segway 2 – The Erotics – “Walk All Over You”
  • Segway 3 – Megaphone – “Not Your Enemy”
  • Segway 4 – Kickstart – “Theme Song”


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