Getting to see some blogging friends lately

Getting to see some blogging friends lately

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I have been fortunate the last two weeks to connect (and reconnect) with blogging friends.  Last week I was in Denver for some Q1 Labs training, so I got in touch with Mr. Mitchell Ashley.  We had some good beer and a nice dinner at Chili’s near Englewood.  We also had good conversation and talked about Mitchell’s new venture.  Mitchell is a great guy, and I know he will do well in everything he does.  It was awesome to see him again, and though I know he is not only in security now, I still hope to see him at RSA next year, and I continue to look forward to his blog.

And today I flew into Atlanta, where I picked up a rental and headed out to Greenville, SC for some meetings.  I figured while I was there I would try to hook up with Rothman and Andy Willingham.  I didn’t give Mike enough notice (he’s a busy guy), but we had a good phone call as I was getting off the plane.  But I did get to meet Andy finally, which was awesome.  We enjoyed some lunch together and talked about things (see picture below).  We just had about an hour to talk since he had a date with his wife at 1pm (don’t blame him a bit), but it was great nonetheless.

It is always great to talk to people who share a common interest.  I have really been feeling disconnected lately from other security professionals and security bloggers, and this really helped things a lot. 

Thanks to Mitchell and Andy for meeting with me.  And thanks to Mike as well.  I know I didn’t give you enough notice.  The next time I drop into Atlanta, I will be sure to let you know sooner.


And since I didn’t get to take a picture with Rothman…


And by the way, Mitchell, you still owe me a picture.  You see what happens if you don’t deliver.  You don’t want to end up like poor Andy…


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  1. Andy Willingham  - November 15, 2007 - 10:51 am

    I really, really owe you one for this.

    Notice the “devil ears” on Rothman’s head.

  2. Sam Van Ryder  - November 14, 2007 - 10:48 pm

    That’s amazing. Mike and Andy shop at the same store!

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