Confidentiality, Integrity, and AVAILABILITY

Confidentiality, Integrity, and AVAILABILITY


So Determina released an advisory about a bug they found in IE in Vista. They ran a simple ActiveX fuzzer against it, and it crashed. They were surprised that it worked, and so am I. However, that is not the whole story.

When they mentioned the problem to MSFT, they came to the conclusion that it is just a stability problem and not worthy of fixing in a security release. Determina agreed by this statement in the advisory:

We have confirmed that this issue can be used to cause the instance of Internet Explorer to exit when viewing the specially crafted Web page. We have confirmed that there is no possibility to use the bug to do anything beyond that, e.g. execute code.

As such it is more along the lines of a stability issue and would be treated along similar issues reported into Microsoft using the Online Crash Analysis system.

OK, this just befuddles me. Since when did people start ignoring the “A” in the CIA Triad? Availability is essential to security. I made this point in an email discussion thread I am currently involved in:

Microsoft complained that the flaws that flaws HD Moore found in IE were stability problems and merely resulted in crashes rather than actual vulnerabilities. Remember the CIA triad, people. Confidentiality, Integrity, and AVAILABILITY. If a company relies on web applications for its livelihood, you can bring said company to its knees if you make IE unavailable. It is still a security problem.

Any stability problem deserves to be classified as a security problem if the possibility of denying access to data or services exists. And there are many compnaies out there that rely on web services for their livelihood.

Microsoft, FIX IT!

Determina, go take a class in security.



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My name is Michael Farnum. I am a Practice Principal at HP Fortify on Demand. I live in Tomball, Texas. I have been in the IT and InfoSec field since 1994. I am the founder and chairperson of HouSecCon, THE Houston Information Security Conference. These are MY words, not my employer's or anyone else's.

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