My name is Michael Farnum.

I am the Security Technology Advocate at Accuvant, one of the largest and most well respected security solution providers in the country. I live in Tomball, Texas. I have been in the IT and InfoSec field since 1994. I have some certifications like everyone else.

I am also the founder and chairperson of HouSecCon, THE Houston Information Security Conference.

These are MY words, not my employer’s or anyone else’s.

Here are some ground rules for An Information Security Place:

  1. No trolling. When I discover a troll, I will post-haste kill the comment. For now, comments are open to all, but I will enforce registration if things become unbearable.
  2. No cursing or flaming. I can’t stand rudeness. It makes my skin crawl and my temper boil, so have respect.
  3. If a comment is blatantly false or just plain stupid, I do reserve the right to point the fact out in no uncertain terms. Hard truth is not the same as rudeness. There is often a fine line, but they are not the same.
  4. I also respect the right of commentors to tell me when I am full of crap. I am human, so I can’t say I will always get things right. If I post something stupid, let me know.
  5. This is an information security forum, not a debate engine on religion or politics. If you don’t like a politician, that is your right. But if a law directly or indirectly affects infosec, we will discuss the merits of the legislation, not the sexual preference of the legislator or the cult to which he/she belongs. That is not relevant as far as I am concerned. If you think it may be relevant, then let me know in a comment, but I doubt I will agree, and that is as far as it will go.
  6. This is my little kingdom. I don’t control much, but by golly, this place is mine. I set the rules. If you don’t like em, let me know. But be prepared for a big fat “I don’t give a crap”.  I’m not close-minded; I’m just sure that these rules are right.
  7. I reserve the right to add or delete rules.

OK, that’s my soap-box rant. Come on in and smack my opinions around.

Michael Farnum (@m1a1vet)