Giving Grammy security advice

Giving Grammy security advice

So Grammy got a computer. No, not my Grammy. Just some random Grammy out there got a computer. How do I know? Because someone who set up her computer wanted their family to know that Grammy got a computer and now could get emails. So that person sent out an email to “Mom” and a few other folks from Grammy’s email, letting them know that Grammy was now high tech and ready to rock on the Intertubes, Googles, and Facebooks. But that person inadvertently sent the email to my gmail account.

It’s actually a common mistake. I got my gmail account real early when you still had to get invited. So I got to choose an address that could work for a lot of folks with my last name (I’ll be waiting for everyone to guess it and start sending the spam). So here’s what they sent:

Grammy email

I’m not one to let a mistake like this go. One, because I didn’t want Mom to miss out on Grammy’s email address. And two, I thought Grammy might need a security primer to get her going with the new computer. So I decided to reply (with respect of course):

Grammy email reply

Grammy, I doubt you’ll ever see this post. But I wish you all the best. Stay secure.

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