An Information Security Place Podcast – Episode 25

An Information Security Place Podcast – Episode 25


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Episode 25 is here.  Today’s podcast is different than our usual.  Instead of having Jim, Dan, and me spout off and pontificate, I am interviewing Wesley McGrew from McGrew Security.  Wesley is a security researcher at Mississippi State University’s Critical Infrastructure Protection Center, where he works to find vulnerabilities in SCADA software.  He also operates , where he blogs about information security topics.

Wesley caught a script-kiddie back in June trying to do some pretty weak SCADA hacking at a Dallas-area hospital.  He and I talked about the incident and also discussed some of Wesley’s future plan (not much since he couldn’t divulge a lot – oooo, mysterious!).  So enjoy the show.  Links to the blog posts from Wesley’s script kiddie adventure are below.


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