Security Awareness Presentation

Security Awareness Presentation

I posted a couple of days ago on free security awareness videos from Educause. I also said in there that any security awareness program should be tailored to the environment.

Well, I just finished recording a video for my company’s security awareness program. It was an hour long, and I pretty much developed the presentation (with some help from various, NON-COPYRIGHTED sources, of course!). Basically, I am tired! I really takes a lot out of you.

I think what really made me tired is that I didn’t have a real audience. I had my A/V guy, my boss, and my helpdesk guy in the audience, but since they know this stuff for the most part, they concentrated more on trying to make me laugh than really helping me warm up (you will get yours, bubs!). Next time, I am going to schedule a few people to be in there.


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