Hackers making money and an issue with the article

Hackers making money and an issue with the article

I ran across an online article at SC Magazine this morning. This is one trend I forgot to mention in my RSA post. There is a definite trend of hackers being hired by organized crime and targeting specific institutions for monetary gain. This has been a trend for at least the last year. It looks like, at least for now, that the days of major outbreaks from new email worms are slowing way down. They are hitting very specific targets, and they are hitting them hard.

I am not a doomsayer or a fearmongerer that preys on peoples anxiety to sell anything. So I am speaking truth when I say I believe this is more threatening to the very fabric of our economy than anything I have seen thus far, and it has me worried.

I was at this particular session at RSA, and I enjoyed it tremendously. David Perry, global director of education for Trend Micro, was very entertaining, and he was very well versed in malware history.

I heard the following statement that the reporter quoted: “Now organized crime is making more money from internet crime than they are from drugs.” There is something the author of this article did not point out, but I’m not sure if we should take hope from it or not. During the question phase, someone from the audience (if I recall correctly, he seemed to have some rapport with Mr. Perry) challenged his assertion in the quote by pointing out some fairly specific numbers of drug trade dollars. Mr. Perry backed away from the statement when faced with this, but it did not seem like a direct challenge or hostile exchange, so I never fully grasped the effect of the episode. It has been a couple of weeks since the conference, so I am sorry that I can’t recall the exchange more vividly. But it sparked my interest, and it seemed to be a glaring hole in the article.


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